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Effective counseling methods renowned for strengthening and deepening bonds

A brief introduction from Jim Covington – M.Div., MA, LMFT

My Approach

The reality is that all human relationships can be difficult at times. As someone put it: ‘choosing a partner is choosing a set of problems.’ Not very romantic, I admit, but true.

Sometimes those problems lead to emotional barriers, and sometimes couples will need professional counseling to break through those barriers and strengthen or cultivate anew the intimacy — the bond – they still hope for.

If you are married or in a committed relationship relationship, as a Licensed Marriage & Relationship Therapist I am committed to preserving couples’ promises to each other unless compelling reasons suggest otherwise.

How We Can Help

As relationships change and grow, it can be very common for people to feel like their partners are drifting away. If you are looking to work on your relationship or save your marriage, I would love to help.

Offering both in-person and /or virtual sessions.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Explore your relationship honestly to learn why you are good together and how you can work with each other's differences

Couples Counseling

Relationships grow and change. I can work with you to help restore the emotional connection you are both longing for.

Considering Divorce

Discover if divorce is your best option or healing your marriage with therapy is a better choice for you.


With a renewed commitment from both spouses and good counseling, many marriages can recover and be stronger.


Becoming a sexual couple is a process that takes time and energy. Sexuality cannot be taken for granted.


A joint venture where I will help you determine and achieve your goals so you can get where you want to be in your life

Over 35 Years of Experience

Jim Covington, M.Div., MA, LMFT, specializes in couples counseling, discernment counseling for couples considering divorce, premarital counseling, and individual psychotherapy in the NYC Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn NY areas.

He is trained in Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples and the Gottman Method, both of which are renowned for their effectiveness in strengthening relationships. He is also trained in Family Systems Therapy.

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