“Is Couples Therapy Right for Me?” – A Common Question

In successful relationships, couples tackle challenges together. But when the stress of problems outweighs the love you share, it’s time to ask the question so many others before you have asked: “Is couples therapy right for me?” It can feel scary to ask for professional help. Many feel the same way. But taking this step […]

Couples Counseling: Remedy for Toxic Relationships?

As a couples therapist in New York City, I know the unique stress the city puts on relationships. Past traumas often pop up, affecting how partners treat each other. Making sense of these old wounds is key to healing. Many ask “Can couples counseling fix a toxic relationship?” and how? My job is to help […]

Couples Therapy Offers Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

strengthen your relationship

Couples therapy is dedicated to providing you and your partner with tools to tackle your relationship’s unique challenges. It’s not just about fixing what’s broken; it’s about building a successful relationship together. Many times, the focus is on improving how you listen, understand, and respond to each other. Think of couples therapy as a space […]

Couples Therapy: Can It Rebuild Trust?

Can couples therapy rebuild trust or is the fabric of your partnership irreparably damaged? From first-hand experience living in New York City, where the pace of life is as fast as the city’s heartbeat, I can tell you that couples therapy offers a respite. It’s a chance to slow down and address the relationship trust […]