Revitalize Love with the Gottman Method

Is the initial spark in your relationship flickering out? You’re not alone. Many couples face the challenge of keeping love alive amidst the hustle of daily life. When faced with this challenge, many people search for answers, learn about the Gottman Method, and ask “Can the Gottman Method fix a relationship?”. As a marriage-friendly couples […]

Couples Counseling Explained: Making It Work Together

When rough patches crop up in your relationship, or you’re seeking to fortify the bonds you share, turning to couples counseling may offer the support you need. But many people ask “How does couples counseling work?” As a Gottman-trained therapist in NYC, I’ve seen couples counseling transform struggles into strengths long-term. My goal is to […]

Does Couples Counseling Really Work?

Couples Counseling Effectiveness

When marital troubles hit, seeking couples counseling often emerges as the next step. With nearly half of all married couples turning to therapy at some point, the increasing popularity of couples therapy is hard to overlook. But you may be wondering “Can couples counseling fix a relationship?” The good news is that with a track […]

Recovering from Infidelity

Life certainly has its highs and lows, but infidelity is often experienced as one of the lowest points. It’s a challenging, traumatic experience, to say the least, and the task of healing from infidelity, repairing the marriage, and restoring trust can be most challenging. But with a renewed commitment from both spouses and good counseling, […]

Key Topics for Couples Counseling Success

Embarking on the journey of couples counseling can seem daunting, but understanding that it’s a strategic move to strengthen your partnership can change your perspective. You’re not just addressing immediate relationship issues, but actively investing in the future health of your bond. Central to this process are topics for couples counseling that range from enhancing […]

Individual Therapy for Relationship Success

Getting individual counseling for relationship struggles opens doors to knowing yourself and connecting better long-term. Many view therapy as for troubled couples. But work focusing just on you also transforms bonds powerfully in time. With caring support in a safe space, you can conquer current roadblocks. Table of Contents The Impact of Individual Therapy for […]

How to Make Changes Last After Marriage Counseling

after marraige counseling

If you and your partner have just finished your last marriage counseling session, kudos for taking a significant step toward strengthening your relationship. You’ve likely collected valuable marriage advice and relationship help during these intimate sessions, but what happens after marriage counseling ends? Keeping the positive momentum going is key to transforming temporary improvements into […]

How Long Can Love Last in a Marriage?

How long can love last in a marriage? Research has suggested that romantic love inevitably fades after about 15 months, maybe less. After all, if love is a fever, then it must die down eventually–right? John Gottman has written about love that lasts in his book, which I highly recommend, What Makes Love Last.  Gottman’s premise […]

The Importance of Getting Premarital Counseling Before Tying the Knot

There are many reasons you might want to consider premarital counseling before saying your “I dos,”. It’s far more than about checking a to-do box. Counseling lets you dive deep into how you and your partner connect. Sessions build key skills that will strengthen your partnership for years to come. Online or in-person, counseling has […]

Does Marriage Counseling Work? Insights and Success Rates

When you hit a rough patch in your relationship, you might wonder “Does marriage counseling actually help?” It’s normal to ask when a marriage has its fair share of twists and turns. You might be surprised to know many couples seek counseling—and find it makes a difference. Recent insights show it can be more common […]